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Chapter one

There was once a time when our world was a perfect world,peace and harmony reigned among all creatures,men,beast and angels alike.The world was in a total order, a beautiful place filled with varieties of plants and flowers to bring out its ultimate beauty. It was a time of joy and laughter and every living creature had a light that shone within them,a light of happiness and good. There was no sun or moon for God Himself was the light shining within all living beings. It was a time of order and God Himself sat on the ruling throne. It was also in those times that God Himself dwelt among men teaching them and guiding them,for they were made in His image and to them He had given a powerful brain just like His own,a brain of creativity and a lot of skill to match. He taught men to use their creativity to increase the beauty of the world.

In the heart of all His creation God built a city and He called it Jerusalem. It was a beautiful city built by His own hands,adorned with gold and all other precious stones,it was in this city that He built His holy throne. It was a paradise,full of magical creatures,the plants that grew there were special and its flowing waters came with eternal life. All living creatures had access to the city of Jerusalem and its golden gates were always open to men and beast alike.

Now,men had been made in His image and likeness but angels were magical creatures existent only in spirit. Jerusalem was their home,for they were God’s holy servants. They were assigned duties based on their talents, and for order,God created a hierarchy within them. There was however this one angel that was different from the rest of all creatures, now even angels in their spiritual form had a resemblance to man but Lucifer,as this angel was called was made out of stones. Despite that fact he was the most beautiful creature for God had made him from all the beautiful precious stones that existed in Jerusalem, he also gave to him the ability to sing and oh how beautifully he could sing in so many different voices.

God was pleased with all His creation and He set a period apart for Himself to rest. So God set up leaders among all his groups of creation choosing each of them based on the ability they had to lead. He made an army out of His angels that they may offer protection for all His creation and for the city of Jerusalem for there He had established His holy throne. In charge of his army was an archangel and He called him Michael. To Lucifer He gave the role of a guardian cherubim to watch over all the living creatures. To men who were in His image He gave them the freedom of choice but reminded them they could do everything they wanted as long as it was of good,as for their ability to create he discouraged the creation of anything harmful and encouraged the creativity of increasing the world’s beauty.

Lucifer in his beauty and perfection was adored by all and he marvelled in his beauty. He marvelled on the authority that had been left on his shoulders to watch over all the living creatures , and at that moment, pride crept into his heart. He wanted to have more,he wanted the world on his feet,to worship him and serve him because he felt worthy. In his darkest wishes he devised a plan.

Lucifer knew the depth of the sin he was about to commit, he knew what would happen especially if his plans failed but he choose to go along with it. He also knew how hard it would be to lead all the creatures into sin, but he had dwelt among them and he knew the only loophole to use was the freedom that God had given to them, through this freedom he could mislead some of them into following him.

So he crept his way through the hierarchy of angels deceiving them for he knew the adoration most living creatures had on him and he used it. He went on to blasphemy against the name of God and His authority declaring His rule unjust and unfair urging anyone who cared to listen to him to go against God’s rule. To humans he urged the use of their abilities to their full potential,he urged them to explore the full potentials of their minds.

It was in those times that humans began to build iron metals from stones, it was a start for civilization. Men began to explore their potential putting their imagination to use. There was technological growth and men even began to sin. They hunted animals for food,made clothings for themselves and wars began to arise for men began to make weapons of war. Lucifer urged them on for he needed this weapons of war to be able to attack the city of Jerusalem. The beautiful environment was ruined by chemicals and war aftermaths. Men always came up with new weapons everyday and competition and hatred arose amongst them,they tested the strength of this weapons on land, sky and even water and polluted their environment without care.

The world that was once so beautiful began to lose its beauty,the light that shone in people’s hearts began to fade for men had chosen evil over good. The very peak of civilization found Lucifer also prepared for his war. And he led his army towards the city of Jerusalem. It was the beginning of a great war as Michael and his angels protected the city of the Lord. The absence of death became also an acceleration of the war as the world broke in pure havoc, men fought against their fellow men,beasts devoured their fellow beasts and the city of the Lord was under attack. It was a time of chaos,a world that was once of order had become a grotesque skeleton of its former self.